Thursday, 13 July 2017

Release 7.1 has been made live. It contains following changes:

  1. Planning algorithm improvements 
  2. Support button to file a ticket for better support from our side to you. Please file a ticket when you see any issues.
  3. Knowledge base created as in FAQ
  4. Scarp generated after each operation and scrap to Raw Material generation from vendor
    1. Calculate Scrap after production (Inhouse operation and vendor operation).
    2. Calculate Scrap for force complete order operation wise and order wise  
    3. Scrap send to vendor for raw material creation
    4. Scrap receive from vendor (GRN page changes)
  5. Reports
    1. Material yield Report. 
    2. Scrap Report. 
    3. operation wise force complete order changes and changes to reports
      1. Consolidated schedule report.
      2. Machine booking summary report.
  6. Delete all records functionality. To be used very carefully as it will delete the masters completely. Only made available if your import functionality for some reason results in incorrect XL import
  7. Design changes to ease / help user experience.

Planning made easy!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Release 7.0 has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:
  1. Force complete operation wise as per quantity. So that customers can start the use of the system any time.
  2. Planning Finish to finish dependency tweaking (some scenarios where it was not applied properly)
  3. Vendor process delete facility
  4. Machine active/inactive facility
  5. Few design changes
Happy Production, Planning and Control!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Plant Manager seminar at Ichalkaranji. Great response from local businesses. Thanks to Ichalkaranji Engineering Association to host us. Plant Manager is Production, Planning & Control software prepared by CNCTimes Pvt Ltd

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Release 6.8 has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:

  1. In Planning Menu - have 2 sub menu "Pending Orders" and "Schedules/Inprocess Orders" instead of the tab on the page. This way user can directly jump on what he wants
  2. Fix customer role - Only show orders for the customer along with the order dispatch details - show every job card and Ord Qty, Production Complete, Dispatch as per date
  3. Issue to shop floor - show notes - User may add expiry date, batch number etc. during GRN Entry
Internal Enhancements:
  1. Email privileges / User Privileges-Design as per menu, select all on a menu, Customer section, Stores, Planning, production etc. Add groups for both Email Privileges and User privileges
  2. Improve Usability - all pop-ups and confirmation boxes, colors
  3. cycle time page in Admin - setup time will be required as per batch (similar to Machine selection in planning)
If you have any questions, please email
Happy Production, Planning & Control

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The R6.7 revision has been made live. Production Planning & Control
It includes following points:
  1. Any day is weekly off and if override then plan only one shift for that day.
  2. Send email on rejection/rework
  3. Gantt chart improvements
  4. Setup time should be as per component
  5. Update Job Card Number - Job card number is issued only when the material is issued into the store. Therefore, Customer requires JCN number to be optional because when he does the planning he does not have the JCN ready. 
  6. Consider if stores has Raw Material already just automatically say Yes - multiple selection
  7. Stores to follow up Expected RM report Only do the report for now "expected raw material report" show future dates only. All those job cards where stores mentioned "No" 
  8. Take cost per component in the product master. Show cost of order as per Qty. Update reports such Job Card Status, FGI, Dispatch, Check completed 
  9. Show product code/name on selection of job card
  10. Show Pending if any one task input is pending on production page
Internal improvements:
  1. Privileges page - simplify
  2. Support system enhancements to better support customers
  3. Auto database generation from support system
If you have any questions, please email

Happy Production, Planning & Control

Friday, 28 April 2017

The R6.6 revision has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:
  1. Cycle time master page. In order to simplify planning now you can add cycle time in masters iteself (supported by import XL as well)
  2. Add QC y,y,n,n in Product Master template file - import XL
  3. Gantt chart changes
    1. Bigger task size.
    2. Different order colors.
    3. Zoom to fit functionality.
    4. Multiple dynamic scales (Hours, days, weeks, months & years)
    5. Task name with Product code and name.
    6. Task tooltip functionality.
  4. Email notification to be sent to the concerned person during the downtime of the machine.
  5. Product wise filtering option in Reports.
    1. Consolidated order status report,
    2. Job card status report
  6.  Daily schedule report and daily production report should allow select dates and shits. Shifts by default all otherwise choice for shifts.
  7. Report for Accepted status in QC.
  8. Reports - drop down for machines/jobs as all or actually give alphabetically sorted list and date validations.
    1. Delay Report
    2. Rejected Quantity Report
    3. Dispatch Report
    4. Rejection Analysis report
    5. Reject Analysis report
    6. Accept Analysis report
    7. Machine Downtime report
  9. Raw material status report
  10. Last completed process should not be in WIP report.
Some internal enhancements to support users better and also improve performance are made as below.
  1. Superadmin user edit profile, update the username and password in signup table.
  2. Performance issue on Vendor management page.
  3. Remove scroll pagination to improve performance
  4. Urgent order <td> color and also after edit color of the order <td>
  5. Sending email to developer team after exception occurs.
  6. Support system - Adding checkbox for selecting all active and inactive companies on send email form and email sending one by one instead of sending in BCC.
  7. Support system - Showing companies who have used system in previous 10 days.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Plant Manager Release 6.5 is live now with following features. Please check it out at 

  1. Cycle time deviation report
  2. Bypass approval process for vendors
  3. Copy cycle time for all machines
  4. Order input - split order at the time of order input as per delivery date
  5. Replace autocomplete to drop down box
  6. Consolidated schedule report - show quantity.
  7. Consolidated schedule report for large orders is a problem
  8. Add formulae sheet in each report
  9. Schedule vs production report with date selection
  10. Completed orders in selected date range report(Estimated Order Completion Report)
  11. Orders will complete in selected date range report(Order Completion Report)
  12. Each report description like tooltip
  13. Force complete - machine should show active/inactive