Tuesday, 6 March 2018

R7.6 Revision is Live now

Dear all:

We have made R7.6 live which contains

  1. Support for Conveyer Machine
    1. Add/Edit Conveyor machine.
    2. Plan order using Conveyor machine.
    3. Reschedule/force reschedule using Conveyor machine.
    4. Process and machine dependency
    5. Fill gap for Conveyer machine.
    6. Conveyer setup time.
    7. Conveyer dwell time.
  2. New line characters not allowed while importing master and order excel sheet
  3. Show rejected quantities on force complete operation wise page.
  4. Unit table and GRN edit reason table as it is while deleting database.

If you have any questions please file a ticket from the system itself.

Plant Manager Team

Thursday, 22 February 2018

New version of Mobile app is live now

The App is available on Google Store - Please download or upgrade the application.

It includes following points:
  1. Alternate Task.
  2. Alternate Machine.
  3. Unplanned Task.
  4. Vendor QC setting as per Order planning(Send or receive in PUOM, IUOM or Numbers).
  5. Sales order number and product code in order status report.
  6. Click on row of order status report to view the details.

Best regards
Plant Manager Team

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

R7.5.2 is live now

Dear all:

We made a small relase today R7.5.2 with following changes to it.
  1. Standalone application-related changes.
  2. Dummy vendor and dummy warehouse auto created when opening stock is added. 
  3. Common Remark validation before force reschedule. 
  4. Sign up page,Space should not get addesed before or after any character. 
  5. when required planning setting unchecked then exception should not get display on productionn page. 
  6. Complete orders should not get display on In process page.
If you have any questions / queries, please do let us know via Support ticket.

Plant Manager Team


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Release 7.5.1 is live now at PlantManager

Release 7.5.1 is live now at PlantManager https://www.plantmanager.in/

  1. Product version changes
  2. Completed orders changes
  3. Dispatch report issue
  4. Export master - export product details issue 
  5. Product page refresh after submit the popup. 
  6. Scrap Conversion. Production data entry should be possible in Nos even if scrap is generated in Kgs/meters/gms…
  7. Preventive Maintenance Time period should be defined.
  8. If any machine is in Preventive Maintainance, the same should be shown at Machine selection page. 
  9. Gantt Chart & Production Page Task name Sequence should be customizable
  10. Stage-wise WIP Report. Machine Operation is present in WIP report. Need Machine Name as well.
  11. When users send material to the vendor, mail should go to the vendor.
  12. In Operation wise Force Complete, if the user selects process 6, all previous processes should get selected. He can make changes if needed. Qty of last selected should be copied.
  13. In Vendor Master which outsourcing vendor has which Machine Operation capability, should be shown. In Add vendor process, only capable vendors should be seen in the drop down.
  14. Dropdown of Raw Material for already available names. Same feature in Product, Machine, Customer, Vendor, Warehouse.
  15. In Vendor Material Management, product wise issue and receive pendency should be seen based on the filter. 
  16. In Vendor Material Management, expected receiving date should be shown. Expected Receiving date & Pending Qty-Send, Pending Qty- Receive.
  17. Add columns in GRN details - DC no, DC Date, Vendor name on Issue to shop floor page.
  18. Report for GRN with Filters - from date/to date, vendor, raw material.
Happy Production, Planning and Control!

If you have any questions or queries, please write to us via Support tab in the system

Best regards
Team Plant Manager

Friday, 29 December 2017

Release 7.5 is live now

Dear all:

Relase 7.5 is live now. We have made following changes with it.

  1. Create new version for product while editing. This way now you can edit products at any point of time. No more limitations here :)
  2. Highlight force reschedule button on header section whenever applicable
  3. Convert reports to DevExpress - Performance improvements on all reports.
  4. Change vendor related information for Scheduled/in-process orders. 
  5. Create new privilege for an Alternate task on production page.
We wish you all a very Happy New Year! 

Best regards
Plant Manager Team

Friday, 22 December 2017

Release 7.4.2 and 7.4.3 is live now

Dear all:

We recently made 2 release live. here is the information on those.

  1. Lot machine planning changes 
    • Plan lot machine for active/Inactive shifts as per setting. 
    • Combine lot tasks with same operations which are not in sequence. 
    • Fulfill lot as per minimum lot size setting. 
    • Add settings for lot machine on machine master and order planning page.
  2. MG Industries per day quantity issue from the previous operation after force reschedule. 
  3. Operation wise force complete page - next operation quantity should get display less than the previous operation.
  4. Operation fetch task functionality changes from production recording page. 
  5. Add opening raw material stock functionality. 
  6. Increased import master performance. 
  7. Resource chart on Dashboard page mentioning all machines schedule plan from current date up to next 7 days.
  8. Normal reschedule history report - Date wise selection filter. 
  9. When order deleted from order planning page, then In stock and allocated value changed and delete from IssueTo shop floor page.
  10. While creating import excel file name remove special characters. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch via Support framework.

Thanks and regards
Plant Manager Team

Friday, 10 November 2017

Release 7.4 is live now

Plant Manager release 7.4 is live now. It contains following changes:

  1. Excel import for GRN Entry
  2. Force reschedule for RM (Raw Material) change date. Intimation mail when RM date change happens. 
  3. RM Discrepancy report.
  4. WIP Inventory Loss Report
  5. Loaders required in many places so that user knows some functionality is happening in background
  6. Export masters functionality performance (Still to continue for other reports)
  7. Add opening stock value while adding RM.
  8. Submit button issue for without KG functionality. (Mobile App)
There are few more changes next week we plan to make such as
  1. Force reschedule changes for performance.
  2. QC Report.
  3. Machine capacity report.
  4. Force complete operation wise quantity 

If you have any questions, please do let us know.

Plant Manager Team