Friday, 29 December 2017

Release 7.5 is live now

Dear all:

Relase 7.5 is live now. We have made following changes with it.

  1. Create new version for product while editing. This way now you can edit products at any point of time. No more limitations here :)
  2. Highlight force reschedule button on header section whenever applicable
  3. Convert reports to DevExpress - Performance improvements on all reports.
  4. Change vendor related information for Scheduled/in-process orders. 
  5. Create new privilege for an Alternate task on production page.
We wish you all a very Happy New Year! 

Best regards
Plant Manager Team

Friday, 22 December 2017

Release 7.4.2 and 7.4.3 is live now

Dear all:

We recently made 2 release live. here is the information on those.

  1. Lot machine planning changes 
    • Plan lot machine for active/Inactive shifts as per setting. 
    • Combine lot tasks with same operations which are not in sequence. 
    • Fulfill lot as per minimum lot size setting. 
    • Add settings for lot machine on machine master and order planning page.
  2. MG Industries per day quantity issue from the previous operation after force reschedule. 
  3. Operation wise force complete page - next operation quantity should get display less than the previous operation.
  4. Operation fetch task functionality changes from production recording page. 
  5. Add opening raw material stock functionality. 
  6. Increased import master performance. 
  7. Resource chart on Dashboard page mentioning all machines schedule plan from current date up to next 7 days.
  8. Normal reschedule history report - Date wise selection filter. 
  9. When order deleted from order planning page, then In stock and allocated value changed and delete from IssueTo shop floor page.
  10. While creating import excel file name remove special characters. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch via Support framework.

Thanks and regards
Plant Manager Team

Friday, 10 November 2017

Release 7.4 is live now

Plant Manager release 7.4 is live now. It contains following changes:

  1. Excel import for GRN Entry
  2. Force reschedule for RM (Raw Material) change date. Intimation mail when RM date change happens. 
  3. RM Discrepancy report.
  4. WIP Inventory Loss Report
  5. Loaders required in many places so that user knows some functionality is happening in background
  6. Export masters functionality performance (Still to continue for other reports)
  7. Add opening stock value while adding RM.
  8. Submit button issue for without KG functionality. (Mobile App)
There are few more changes next week we plan to make such as
  1. Force reschedule changes for performance.
  2. QC Report.
  3. Machine capacity report.
  4. Force complete operation wise quantity 

If you have any questions, please do let us know.

Plant Manager Team

Friday, 3 November 2017

Release 7.3.3 is live now

Plant Manager release 7.3.3 is live now. It containts following changes:

  1. The vendor process operation dependency after force reschedule needed few tweaks to make it perfect
  2. Add new order when product is not present on order input page.
  3. Operation dependency issue when order quantity is equal to operation dependency also needed few checks

If you have any questions, please do let me know.

Plant Manager Team

Monday, 30 October 2017

Release 7.3.2' is live now

Dear all:

We have made release 7.3.2' live as of last night. this release was focused on Performance and few enhancements reported by customers!

Following points were made live:

  1. Task overlap in some complex lot-vendor scenarios.
  2. Break time functionality changes to enhance planning
  3. Operation wise force complete to accept decimals
  4. 'Production report' and 'Day/shift wise production report' enhancements
  5. Order add/update issue when no product for a new DB
  6. Report page performance changes
  7. Show estimate time while doing force reschedule
Happy Production Planning and Control!

Team Plant Manager

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Release 7.3.2 has been made live!

Dear all:

We have made release 7.3.2 live today. this release was focused on Performance of the system!
Following points were made live:
  1. Reschedule performance.
    • Change logic of Hold/Unhold functionality. 
    • Overall performance. 
  2. Order input performance - the dates will be shown on a button than default
  3. Production page performance. 
    • Entry pending. 
    • Holiday/Weekly off 
    • All data. 
    • No scheduled data.
  4. Gantt chart performance. 
    • Filters with date selection
    • Limit of 31 days
We hope these helps to get your operations faster than what it is today! Should you have any question / comments, please make use of "Support" button to file a ticket.

Thanks and regards
Plant Manager Team

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

We would like to hear from you more!

Dear all:

We would like to hear from you more!

While we work on various features / reports as per your requirements, we also realize that as and when the data grows in terms of products, machines and especially your orders, the capacity and performance of the system is degrading.

We have made few changes recently and you will realize improvements. We have done the performance related changes as below:
  1. Product master page
  2. Planning
  3. Reschedule/Force reschedule
  4. Force complete operation wise
  5. Dashboard page
  6. Production page
Remaining changes as below:
  1. Production page when no data
  2. Order planning page
  3. Reports (XL import takes time)
If you notice any page or anywhere you think its taking long, please open a "Support" ticket from the button and do let us know.

Once again, please remember that performance is a function of volume of data (product, machine and orders) along with Internet speed you may have at that very moment!

Thank you for your cooperation. Keep up the shop floor production planning!

Best regards
Plant Manager Team

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Release 7.3 has been made live. It contains following changes:

  1. Gantt Chart Filters for easy look at plans
    1. Job card wise
    2. Sales order wise
    3. Machine wise
    4. Date wise
    5. Product wise
    6. Order status wise
  2. New Emails added - set the email privileges to get these emails
    1. Daily schedule email
    2. Order inprocess email
    3. Order completion email
    4. New order schedule emails
  3. Security - Static IP for secured logins. Only allow logins through specific IP. If your premises have static IP then you can set this up so all logins will only happen from your premises. 
  4. Vendor process changes - Now you can set the vendor from Machine assign page only. no need for additional approval required
  5. Rework quantity to be sent back to vendor now allowed. This works for Whole Quantity as vendor
  6. The capacity of the machine and product wise is now set for 24 hrs only. Even if your shop floor is working only one shift, you must add capacity for 24 hrs - this way any changes in the shifts add or delete, will not have any impact on the capacity and planning
    1. All the capacities for current customers are modified in backend accordingly
  7. Force reschedule after force complete is taken care of
  8. Reports
    1. Finished good dispatch details - added notes in the report
    2. Production report - with from/to date
If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Release 7.2 has been made live. It contains following changes:

  1. Reports with filters. (Check with Parle DB)
    • Consolidated order report
    • Consolidated schedule report
    • Production report raw material wise 
    • Cycle time deviation report (1 month filter)
  2. Print button functionality on the dashboard report.
  3. Show login history in support system & reports menu.
  4. Privileges security for users if direct URL is used
If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Release 7.1 has been made live. It contains following changes:

  1. Planning algorithm improvements 
  2. Support button to file a ticket for better support from our side to you. Please file a ticket when you see any issues.
  3. Knowledge base created as in FAQ
  4. Scarp generated after each operation and scrap to Raw Material generation from vendor
    1. Calculate Scrap after production (Inhouse operation and vendor operation).
    2. Calculate Scrap for force complete order operation wise and order wise  
    3. Scrap send to vendor for raw material creation
    4. Scrap receive from vendor (GRN page changes)
  5. Reports
    1. Material yield Report. 
    2. Scrap Report. 
    3. operation wise force complete order changes and changes to reports
      1. Consolidated schedule report.
      2. Machine booking summary report.
  6. Delete all records functionality. To be used very carefully as it will delete the masters completely. Only made available if your import functionality for some reason results in incorrect XL import
  7. Design changes to ease / help user experience.

Planning made easy!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Release 7.0 has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:
  1. Force complete operation wise as per quantity. So that customers can start the use of the system any time.
  2. Planning Finish to finish dependency tweaking (some scenarios where it was not applied properly)
  3. Vendor process delete facility
  4. Machine active/inactive facility
  5. Few design changes
Happy Production, Planning and Control!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Plant Manager seminar at Ichalkaranji. Great response from local businesses. Thanks to Ichalkaranji Engineering Association to host us. Plant Manager is Production, Planning & Control software prepared by CNCTimes Pvt Ltd

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Release 6.8 has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:

  1. In Planning Menu - have 2 sub menu "Pending Orders" and "Schedules/Inprocess Orders" instead of the tab on the page. This way user can directly jump on what he wants
  2. Fix customer role - Only show orders for the customer along with the order dispatch details - show every job card and Ord Qty, Production Complete, Dispatch as per date
  3. Issue to shop floor - show notes - User may add expiry date, batch number etc. during GRN Entry
Internal Enhancements:
  1. Email privileges / User Privileges-Design as per menu, select all on a menu, Customer section, Stores, Planning, production etc. Add groups for both Email Privileges and User privileges
  2. Improve Usability - all pop-ups and confirmation boxes, colors
  3. cycle time page in Admin - setup time will be required as per batch (similar to Machine selection in planning)
If you have any questions, please email
Happy Production, Planning & Control

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The R6.7 revision has been made live. Production Planning & Control
It includes following points:
  1. Any day is weekly off and if override then plan only one shift for that day.
  2. Send email on rejection/rework
  3. Gantt chart improvements
  4. Setup time should be as per component
  5. Update Job Card Number - Job card number is issued only when the material is issued into the store. Therefore, Customer requires JCN number to be optional because when he does the planning he does not have the JCN ready. 
  6. Consider if stores has Raw Material already just automatically say Yes - multiple selection
  7. Stores to follow up Expected RM report Only do the report for now "expected raw material report" show future dates only. All those job cards where stores mentioned "No" 
  8. Take cost per component in the product master. Show cost of order as per Qty. Update reports such Job Card Status, FGI, Dispatch, Check completed 
  9. Show product code/name on selection of job card
  10. Show Pending if any one task input is pending on production page
Internal improvements:
  1. Privileges page - simplify
  2. Support system enhancements to better support customers
  3. Auto database generation from support system
If you have any questions, please email

Happy Production, Planning & Control

Friday, 28 April 2017

The R6.6 revision has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:
  1. Cycle time master page. In order to simplify planning now you can add cycle time in masters iteself (supported by import XL as well)
  2. Add QC y,y,n,n in Product Master template file - import XL
  3. Gantt chart changes
    1. Bigger task size.
    2. Different order colors.
    3. Zoom to fit functionality.
    4. Multiple dynamic scales (Hours, days, weeks, months & years)
    5. Task name with Product code and name.
    6. Task tooltip functionality.
  4. Email notification to be sent to the concerned person during the downtime of the machine.
  5. Product wise filtering option in Reports.
    1. Consolidated order status report,
    2. Job card status report
  6.  Daily schedule report and daily production report should allow select dates and shits. Shifts by default all otherwise choice for shifts.
  7. Report for Accepted status in QC.
  8. Reports - drop down for machines/jobs as all or actually give alphabetically sorted list and date validations.
    1. Delay Report
    2. Rejected Quantity Report
    3. Dispatch Report
    4. Rejection Analysis report
    5. Reject Analysis report
    6. Accept Analysis report
    7. Machine Downtime report
  9. Raw material status report
  10. Last completed process should not be in WIP report.
Some internal enhancements to support users better and also improve performance are made as below.
  1. Superadmin user edit profile, update the username and password in signup table.
  2. Performance issue on Vendor management page.
  3. Remove scroll pagination to improve performance
  4. Urgent order <td> color and also after edit color of the order <td>
  5. Sending email to developer team after exception occurs.
  6. Support system - Adding checkbox for selecting all active and inactive companies on send email form and email sending one by one instead of sending in BCC.
  7. Support system - Showing companies who have used system in previous 10 days.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Plant Manager Release 6.5 is live now with following features. Please check it out at 

  1. Cycle time deviation report
  2. Bypass approval process for vendors
  3. Copy cycle time for all machines
  4. Order input - split order at the time of order input as per delivery date
  5. Replace autocomplete to drop down box
  6. Consolidated schedule report - show quantity.
  7. Consolidated schedule report for large orders is a problem
  8. Add formulae sheet in each report
  9. Schedule vs production report with date selection
  10. Completed orders in selected date range report(Estimated Order Completion Report)
  11. Orders will complete in selected date range report(Order Completion Report)
  12. Each report description like tooltip
  13. Force complete - machine should show active/inactive

Monday, 10 April 2017

Plant Manager Release 6.3 is live now with following features. Please check it out at 
  1. Inventory module incorporated in this revision which includes:
    1. Warehouse Master: Store name code and address of warehouse.
    2. GRN Form: Make entry of purchased raw material with their total cost and show the purchased quantity converted into inventory unit quantity.
    3. Raw Material Status Table: Show the total stock of raw material, allocated raw material, minimum and maximum levels of raw material at one place.
    4. Issue to Shopfloor: Issue raw material to shopfloor for particular jobcard by selecting from the GRN entries made for that Rawmaterial.
    5. Dispatch: Dispatch the quantities of Jobcard(quantities which completed their last process) to the customer
    6. Reports:
      • FGI Report(Finished goods inventory): Show the overall inventory valuation of jobcard which has completed its quantity (Raw material total cost and processing cost)
      • WIP Report(Work in progress Inventory Report) : Show process by process completed quantity Inventory Valuations.
  2. Product Master Changes
    1. Remove RM from step operations and add to product
    2. Give the input how much RM is required per quantity of that product
    3. Force reschedule after change the QC required status. & shift Pending for inspection quantity.
  3. Raw Material Master Changes:
    1. Give to selection inputs for Purchase Unit and Inventory Unit.
    2. Minimum and maximum Level.
    3. 1 PUOM Qty = ? Inventory Quantities of RM
  4. Vendor master changes
    1. Give the Selection for Outsourcing (current vendor) or RM procurement Vendor 
  5. Vendor part quantity
  6. Number creation as per settings(Jobcard and sales order number
  7. Import master template modifications.
  8. Remove machine capabilities facility
  9. Support System
  10. shift effective time shopuld be correct
  11. Alphabetical sort on every list

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

PlantManager Release 6.2 is live now. Following are the items which we made live yesterday. Please click here for You Tube Demos

  1. Add new selection option in select list 
    • Order input - add new customer
    • Stores - add vendor
    • Downtime - add new remark
  2. Shift label should be editable and full form should be there for general shift
  3. All report should be available inside report tab (currently those are on Gantt chart and production page)
  4. Print option for common reports
  5. Order input page - Just show Exp Completion Date for last order of this Product and Exp Completion date for last order of any product
  6. Remark facility for accepted quantity on production page (non mandatory)
  7. Reports for reschedule history (reschedule reason,new expected date)
  8. Facility to show expected time to complete particular process while assigning machine on planning page(take less machine capacity and find out the expected time)
    • This should be summary given as per order quantity
      Show when cycle time is entered, Red warning if beyond 5 days?
  9. Password change for super admin and all users - My Account - allow all changes, name, number, email etc.
  10.  Add in Stores -> Material management (Vendor) 4 tabs to distinguish orders
  11. Job card status report changes
  12. Add "Become Channel Partner" button and "Blog" menu on hame page 
  13. Session time out should be 60 min. 
  14. Product master - Show process names on blue heading strip.
  15. Vendor process - Multiple approvals at a time. 
  16. Machine plan report - Show only date and remove time.
  17. Machine plan report - Add new column for "Product name". 

Friday, 3 March 2017

In order to get you a head start, all the Plant Manager videos are available at - You Tube.

The Demo video is a good starting point for anyone who wants to know the Plant Manager software.

After that once you sign up, Masters creation is the first thing everyone will need to do. Please take a look at those in details.

Once masters are created, users are ready to add orders, plan and reschedule etc.

Let's streamline the process at your shop floor, lets make optimal use of your machines and grow the business!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Plant Manager - An unbeatable solution for your production, planning and control requirements

Production is at the heart of any manufacturing company, and it drives most other functions, including planning and control. Production, planning and control involves scheduling of work, assigning the work to machines and people, and designing how the actual work will flow through the entire system. In todays’ business environment, small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing industry are faced with challenges, especially in the pre- production phase, which includes inadequate capacity planning and uncontrolled delays during the engineering phase. Also, most SME’s do not have the resources to capture, control and tweak their production cycles for maximum utilization of resources.

The most commonly used methods of maintaining planning and production data by SME’s, comprises of capturing the data manually, or entering it in a software. The software though quite advanced, are not specifically designed for PPC. Some of them like ERP/SAP, are not only expensive, they are focused on other business areas rather than planning and micro scheduling.

Keeping these things in mind, designed and developed Plant Manager software. Plant Manager was developed keeping in mind the “Theory of Constraints” and is a powerful tool that has rich features. It provides the small and medium enterprises with the necessary tools to capture essential shop floor data, and help them make informed decisions based on the reports.

The work on Plant Manager started in the year 2014. The in-house subject matter experts at put their heads together with the development team, to conceptualize and develop the software. The beta testing of the software was done at customer location, which was very successful. Plant Manager was launched in April 2016, in Pune, India and has already received rave reviews for its ingenuity, ease of use and affordability. Today, more than 40 customers are successfully using the software at their factory locations.

Plant Manager Android app was launched in October 2016. The app is an anytime, anywhere “eye” for the shop floor, where one can get production reports on any android device. Companies can also use an internet activated device, which when attached with a VGA cable to TV screens, can broadcast the real-time production status on big screen TV’s, across the shop floor. plans to triple the number of Plant Manager customers in the coming financial year. The company is focused on adding new features to Plant Manager, which will make it easy to integrate it with SAP, so that it can be used by a multitude of companies that are already using SAP. Today, Industrie 4.0 and IOT are a reality however, SME’s are still struggling with digitization. The company’s vision is to change the way planning, production and control is done in most companies. wants to empower SME’s with a tool that will help them in taking a bold step towards digitization, and in channelizing their resources effectively.

For more information, please check