Wednesday, 22 March 2017

PlantManager Release 6.2 is live now. Following are the items which we made live yesterday. Please click here for You Tube Demos

  1. Add new selection option in select list 
    • Order input - add new customer
    • Stores - add vendor
    • Downtime - add new remark
  2. Shift label should be editable and full form should be there for general shift
  3. All report should be available inside report tab (currently those are on Gantt chart and production page)
  4. Print option for common reports
  5. Order input page - Just show Exp Completion Date for last order of this Product and Exp Completion date for last order of any product
  6. Remark facility for accepted quantity on production page (non mandatory)
  7. Reports for reschedule history (reschedule reason,new expected date)
  8. Facility to show expected time to complete particular process while assigning machine on planning page(take less machine capacity and find out the expected time)
    • This should be summary given as per order quantity
      Show when cycle time is entered, Red warning if beyond 5 days?
  9. Password change for super admin and all users - My Account - allow all changes, name, number, email etc.
  10.  Add in Stores -> Material management (Vendor) 4 tabs to distinguish orders
  11. Job card status report changes
  12. Add "Become Channel Partner" button and "Blog" menu on hame page 
  13. Session time out should be 60 min. 
  14. Product master - Show process names on blue heading strip.
  15. Vendor process - Multiple approvals at a time. 
  16. Machine plan report - Show only date and remove time.
  17. Machine plan report - Add new column for "Product name". 

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