Monday, 10 April 2017

Plant Manager Release 6.3 is live now with following features. Please check it out at 
  1. Inventory module incorporated in this revision which includes:
    1. Warehouse Master: Store name code and address of warehouse.
    2. GRN Form: Make entry of purchased raw material with their total cost and show the purchased quantity converted into inventory unit quantity.
    3. Raw Material Status Table: Show the total stock of raw material, allocated raw material, minimum and maximum levels of raw material at one place.
    4. Issue to Shopfloor: Issue raw material to shopfloor for particular jobcard by selecting from the GRN entries made for that Rawmaterial.
    5. Dispatch: Dispatch the quantities of Jobcard(quantities which completed their last process) to the customer
    6. Reports:
      • FGI Report(Finished goods inventory): Show the overall inventory valuation of jobcard which has completed its quantity (Raw material total cost and processing cost)
      • WIP Report(Work in progress Inventory Report) : Show process by process completed quantity Inventory Valuations.
  2. Product Master Changes
    1. Remove RM from step operations and add to product
    2. Give the input how much RM is required per quantity of that product
    3. Force reschedule after change the QC required status. & shift Pending for inspection quantity.
  3. Raw Material Master Changes:
    1. Give to selection inputs for Purchase Unit and Inventory Unit.
    2. Minimum and maximum Level.
    3. 1 PUOM Qty = ? Inventory Quantities of RM
  4. Vendor master changes
    1. Give the Selection for Outsourcing (current vendor) or RM procurement Vendor 
  5. Vendor part quantity
  6. Number creation as per settings(Jobcard and sales order number
  7. Import master template modifications.
  8. Remove machine capabilities facility
  9. Support System
  10. shift effective time shopuld be correct
  11. Alphabetical sort on every list

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