Friday, 28 April 2017

The R6.6 revision has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:
  1. Cycle time master page. In order to simplify planning now you can add cycle time in masters iteself (supported by import XL as well)
  2. Add QC y,y,n,n in Product Master template file - import XL
  3. Gantt chart changes
    1. Bigger task size.
    2. Different order colors.
    3. Zoom to fit functionality.
    4. Multiple dynamic scales (Hours, days, weeks, months & years)
    5. Task name with Product code and name.
    6. Task tooltip functionality.
  4. Email notification to be sent to the concerned person during the downtime of the machine.
  5. Product wise filtering option in Reports.
    1. Consolidated order status report,
    2. Job card status report
  6.  Daily schedule report and daily production report should allow select dates and shits. Shifts by default all otherwise choice for shifts.
  7. Report for Accepted status in QC.
  8. Reports - drop down for machines/jobs as all or actually give alphabetically sorted list and date validations.
    1. Delay Report
    2. Rejected Quantity Report
    3. Dispatch Report
    4. Rejection Analysis report
    5. Reject Analysis report
    6. Accept Analysis report
    7. Machine Downtime report
  9. Raw material status report
  10. Last completed process should not be in WIP report.
Some internal enhancements to support users better and also improve performance are made as below.
  1. Superadmin user edit profile, update the username and password in signup table.
  2. Performance issue on Vendor management page.
  3. Remove scroll pagination to improve performance
  4. Urgent order <td> color and also after edit color of the order <td>
  5. Sending email to developer team after exception occurs.
  6. Support system - Adding checkbox for selecting all active and inactive companies on send email form and email sending one by one instead of sending in BCC.
  7. Support system - Showing companies who have used system in previous 10 days.

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