Thursday, 18 May 2017

Release 6.8 has been made live. Production Planning & Control

It includes following points:

  1. In Planning Menu - have 2 sub menu "Pending Orders" and "Schedules/Inprocess Orders" instead of the tab on the page. This way user can directly jump on what he wants
  2. Fix customer role - Only show orders for the customer along with the order dispatch details - show every job card and Ord Qty, Production Complete, Dispatch as per date
  3. Issue to shop floor - show notes - User may add expiry date, batch number etc. during GRN Entry
Internal Enhancements:
  1. Email privileges / User Privileges-Design as per menu, select all on a menu, Customer section, Stores, Planning, production etc. Add groups for both Email Privileges and User privileges
  2. Improve Usability - all pop-ups and confirmation boxes, colors
  3. cycle time page in Admin - setup time will be required as per batch (similar to Machine selection in planning)
If you have any questions, please email
Happy Production, Planning & Control

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