Thursday, 11 May 2017

The R6.7 revision has been made live. Production Planning & Control
It includes following points:
  1. Any day is weekly off and if override then plan only one shift for that day.
  2. Send email on rejection/rework
  3. Gantt chart improvements
  4. Setup time should be as per component
  5. Update Job Card Number - Job card number is issued only when the material is issued into the store. Therefore, Customer requires JCN number to be optional because when he does the planning he does not have the JCN ready. 
  6. Consider if stores has Raw Material already just automatically say Yes - multiple selection
  7. Stores to follow up Expected RM report Only do the report for now "expected raw material report" show future dates only. All those job cards where stores mentioned "No" 
  8. Take cost per component in the product master. Show cost of order as per Qty. Update reports such Job Card Status, FGI, Dispatch, Check completed 
  9. Show product code/name on selection of job card
  10. Show Pending if any one task input is pending on production page
Internal improvements:
  1. Privileges page - simplify
  2. Support system enhancements to better support customers
  3. Auto database generation from support system
If you have any questions, please email

Happy Production, Planning & Control

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