Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Release 7.3 has been made live. It contains following changes:

  1. Gantt Chart Filters for easy look at plans
    1. Job card wise
    2. Sales order wise
    3. Machine wise
    4. Date wise
    5. Product wise
    6. Order status wise
  2. New Emails added - set the email privileges to get these emails
    1. Daily schedule email
    2. Order inprocess email
    3. Order completion email
    4. New order schedule emails
  3. Security - Static IP for secured logins. Only allow logins through specific IP. If your premises have static IP then you can set this up so all logins will only happen from your premises. 
  4. Vendor process changes - Now you can set the vendor from Machine assign page only. no need for additional approval required
  5. Rework quantity to be sent back to vendor now allowed. This works for Whole Quantity as vendor
  6. The capacity of the machine and product wise is now set for 24 hrs only. Even if your shop floor is working only one shift, you must add capacity for 24 hrs - this way any changes in the shifts add or delete, will not have any impact on the capacity and planning
    1. All the capacities for current customers are modified in backend accordingly
  7. Force reschedule after force complete is taken care of
  8. Reports
    1. Finished good dispatch details - added notes in the report
    2. Production report - with from/to date
If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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  1. Excellent Features !!! and also change in our Gear Rotation graphics loding..... :-)