Tuesday, 29 August 2017

We would like to hear from you more!

Dear all:

We would like to hear from you more!

While we work on various features / reports as per your requirements, we also realize that as and when the data grows in terms of products, machines and especially your orders, the capacity and performance of the system is degrading.

We have made few changes recently and you will realize improvements. We have done the performance related changes as below:
  1. Product master page
  2. Planning
  3. Reschedule/Force reschedule
  4. Force complete operation wise
  5. Dashboard page
  6. Production page
Remaining changes as below:
  1. Production page when no data
  2. Order planning page
  3. Reports (XL import takes time)
If you notice any page or anywhere you think its taking long, please open a "Support" ticket from the button and do let us know.

Once again, please remember that performance is a function of volume of data (product, machine and orders) along with Internet speed you may have at that very moment!

Thank you for your cooperation. Keep up the shop floor production planning!

Best regards
Plant Manager Team

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