Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The R8.3.6 revision (Site Code) has been made live.

Hello Team:

The R8.3.6 revision (Site Codehas been made live.

The testing account details on live site as below:
It includes the following points:
  1. Site code functionality 
    1. If the user logins the drop-down for another Company code if accessibility has given. 
    2. Persist logins when the user goes to another company code depending upon his role in new company privileges get assigned. 
  2. Reports changes related to flexible production.  
    • Operator Efficiency Report  
    • Machine wise OEE Report 
    • WIP Inventory Valuation Report. 
    • Production Report - New column Process cost 
    • New Report - Job card number wise production cost Report 
  3. Change operator control on Production Recording normal & flexible page.  
  4. Single button for multiple "Machine Approve".  
  5. Select setup time automatically in the first order if available.  
  6. Allow Production entry for any user :
    1. Add "Allow Production Entry" checkbox on User page & validations. 
    2. SQL query for existing records.  
    3. The show allowed users on Production page, flexible page, excel. 
    4. Reports & Mobile app changes. 
  7. Remark for all tasks option on Normal production page.
  8. Added Operator Booking Summary Report (New)
  9. Added Operator column in printable reports (Daily & Consolidated Schedule report) 

The R8.3.5 revision (Operator Schedule) has been made live.

Hello Team:

The R8.3.5 revision (Operator Schedulehas been made live.

The testing account details on live site as below:
It includes the following points:
  1. Operator Schedule :
    • User master page.  
    • User Shift Assign page.
    • User Leave page.  
    • Operator Schedule functionality  
      • Sorting (as per setting - costing/rating) 
      • Operator leave validations.
      • Machine validations (single/multiple as per setting)
      • Shift validations
      • Time validations.
      • Task overlap validations.
      • Assign operators to tasks.
  2. Priority settings for operations (costing/rating) on Order planning page. 
  3. Default setting as costing in system setting page.  
  4. Allow production checkbox on User Add/Edit page.
  5. Existing DB Query - Set allow production for all existing users with role Operator & Supervisor.
  6. Show all users on Production page, flexible page, mobile app & Excel file whose production is allowed (User page).
  7. Change Operator control to select with the search box on Production & flexible page.
  8. Added operator name column on Date/shift wise schedule report.