Thursday, 22 February 2018

New version of Mobile app is live now

The App is available on Google Store - Please download or upgrade the application.

It includes following points:
  1. Alternate Task.
  2. Alternate Machine.
  3. Unplanned Task.
  4. Vendor QC setting as per Order planning(Send or receive in PUOM, IUOM or Numbers).
  5. Sales order number and product code in order status report.
  6. Click on row of order status report to view the details.

Best regards
Plant Manager Team

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

R7.5.2 is live now

Dear all:

We made a small relase today R7.5.2 with following changes to it.
  1. Standalone application-related changes.
  2. Dummy vendor and dummy warehouse auto created when opening stock is added. 
  3. Common Remark validation before force reschedule. 
  4. Sign up page,Space should not get addesed before or after any character. 
  5. when required planning setting unchecked then exception should not get display on productionn page. 
  6. Complete orders should not get display on In process page.
If you have any questions / queries, please do let us know via Support ticket.

Plant Manager Team