Tuesday, 6 March 2018

R7.6 Revision is Live now

Dear all:

We have made R7.6 live which contains

  1. Support for Conveyer Machine
    1. Add/Edit Conveyor machine.
    2. Plan order using Conveyor machine.
    3. Reschedule/force reschedule using Conveyor machine.
    4. Process and machine dependency
    5. Fill gap for Conveyer machine.
    6. Conveyer setup time.
    7. Conveyer dwell time.
  2. New line characters not allowed while importing master and order excel sheet
  3. Show rejected quantities on force complete operation wise page.
  4. Unit table and GRN edit reason table as it is while deleting database.

If you have any questions please file a ticket from the system itself.

Plant Manager Team