Sunday, 12 August 2018

Release 8.1 is live now

While we started working on 8.1 before 8.2 but 8.2 was made live earlier due to priority.

R8.1 includes the following points:
  1. Transfer entry report. 
  2. Privileges for Transfer entry page & move under Store menu. 
  3. Separate menu for Import/Export & privileges 
  4. Show job card priority column on the Gantt chart.  
  5. Show total order details product wise & quantity wise as per day selection filter on the Dashboard page.  
  6. Order Input page:
    1. Show default and other warehouse FG stock on Order input page. 
    2. Show "Direct Dispatch Order" checkbox on Order input page and show input box for Job card number. 
  7. Dispatch page: 
    1. Show all orders on dispatch page.
    2. Close button for Job card when the user wants to remove orders from dispatch page.
  8. New page for closed orders - Show only pending, planned, scheduled & inprocess orders with an open button 
  9. Completed Orders page. - Show open button for closed orders  
  10. Check "Direct Dispatch" order status effect in the entire site. 
  11. Hide "Direct dispatch" orders on ISF, Material availability page & Order status report.  
  12. Dispatch report changes.   
  13. A new report - Direct dispatch orders report.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with PlantManager team

Thank you