Saturday, 29 September 2018

R8.3.1 is live now

The R8.3.1 revision (Customer Requirments) has been made live.

It includes the following points:
  1. Create/edit challan no. for send and receive 
  2. Receive only with excel, add Sent & receive document no.
  3. Operator Schedule Part I - Add new fields on add User page i.e. Operations, Machines, rating & costing. 
  4. Once we plan to order, the system should ask from which date you want to take this in In-process. Godrej Requirement 
  5. If Product-Operation- Machine CT/ST is given in excel, same machines should be selected during first order 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

PlantManager Team

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Release 8.2 is live now

The R8.2 revision (Product Version) has been made live.

It includes the following points:
1.      Add "Replica" button on Product detail page. 
2.      Add "Version Name" & "Description" field on Product page.  
3.      Copy machine capacity from old product while creating a replica.  
4.      Show Version name & description along with Product code on Order Input page.  
5.      Version-wise dispatch on Dispatch page. 
1.      Add version wise dispatch entry.  
2.      Display product version wise dispatch entry as single entry.  
3.      Delete entry - Stock should update version wise.  
6.      Dispatch page should have display: Product code wise and Job card number wise  
7.      Show version wise stock on Stock status page.  
8.      Replace product code wise search to product code & version wise search.  
9.      On the dashboard, total count for Pending,Hold/Reject,Direct dispatch orders should get displayed  
10.  All status orders should get displayed on Closed orders page when closed from dispatch orders page 
11.  Copy machine capacity only for checked machines on Order Planning Machine selection page.  
12.  Show confirmation pop up on Import Production via XL sheet page when unscheduled production entries exist.
13.  GRN entry with zero remaining inventory qty should get hide on issue to shop floor page.
14.  Product version changes on reports & entire web site pages.  
15.  Product version changes in import/export XL sheet. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Release 8.1.1 is live now

The R8.1.1 revision (Vendor Export & Import) has been made live.

It includes the following points:
  1. Vendor send & receive export
  2. Vendor send & receive import
  3. Show "Send ID" & "Receive ID" on Vendor Management page.
  4. Show accepted quantity of previous operation in excel import and on web.
  5. Show Vendor name in vendor management Send/Receive details page