Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The R8.3.5 revision (Operator Schedule) has been made live.

Hello Team:

The R8.3.5 revision (Operator Schedulehas been made live.

The testing account details on live site as below:
It includes the following points:
  1. Operator Schedule :
    • User master page.  
    • User Shift Assign page.
    • User Leave page.  
    • Operator Schedule functionality  
      • Sorting (as per setting - costing/rating) 
      • Operator leave validations.
      • Machine validations (single/multiple as per setting)
      • Shift validations
      • Time validations.
      • Task overlap validations.
      • Assign operators to tasks.
  2. Priority settings for operations (costing/rating) on Order planning page. 
  3. Default setting as costing in system setting page.  
  4. Allow production checkbox on User Add/Edit page.
  5. Existing DB Query - Set allow production for all existing users with role Operator & Supervisor.
  6. Show all users on Production page, flexible page, mobile app & Excel file whose production is allowed (User page).
  7. Change Operator control to select with the search box on Production & flexible page.
  8. Added operator name column on Date/shift wise schedule report.

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