Thursday, 21 February 2019

The R8.3.9 (Performance) revision has been made live.

The R8.3.9 (Performance) revision has been made live.
It includes the following points :
  1. Machine Assign page - Show Machine Info button for busy till date. 
  2. Force reschedule at a time one user for a single company. 
  3. Prevent all production actions, receive from vendor & planning action while doing Force reschedule.  
  4. Show the new landing page after login.  
  5. Highlight force reschedules button after following actions - Hold, Unhold, Reject & Force complete order wise.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The R8.3.8.1 revision has been made live.

The R8.3.8.1 revision has been made live.

It includes the following points:
  1. Add Customer P.O. no. in Order import excel sheet. 
  2. Add new fields in the unplanned task - Product Code, Drawing no, SO no so that it will appear in the Daily Production report.  
  3. New page for Active/Inactive Product version with privileges in the web, mobile app & excel.  
  4. Route card - show operation priority, name & machine name.  
  5. Show Y/N option for Product wise cycle time in Excel master. (Machine assign page, single/multiple approve button)  
  6. QC Report - Show new columns (Customer PO, SO, Inspected qty)  
  7. Production report changes - Production end date wise sorting (ascending), a separate sheet for the unplanned task, Show shift name production wise.  
  8. Mobile App - Add new Direct dispatch & BOI order from Order input page.  
  9. RM price point assignment.   
  10. Performance related filter changes on Production recording page.   
  11. Show SO number on Dispatch main page & detail page.
  12. Order Status report - Swap column JC number with SO number.
  13. Show Customer PO number on Order planning page. 
  14. Order input page - Changed label "PO Number" to "Customer PO Number".