Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The R8.3.7.1 revision (Import/Export) has been made live.

The R8.3.7.1 revision (Import/Exporthas been made live.

It includes the following points:
  1. Job card level order wise Force Complete through excel (Inprocess orders only). Filters: From & To, 1 Product at a time 
  2. Issue to shop floor should have 2 options. 1. Auto i.e. FIFO/LIFO 2. Select GRN & Reports changes. 
  3. Product code & Name for Rejection Analysis Report.  
  4. For logins through Roles of Operator, system should show their respective names only and not all.  
  5. Provision of copying link of any location in Job Card details, system will show the link on Schedule page, Production task, Dispatch page, Completed Order page, Order Status.
  6. Machine name in Order Status Report (Web & Mobile)  
  7. Machine Downtime report: Machine name in a column on each line.  
  8. In all reports, quantity column in excel should be changed to Number format. 
  9. Sales & Commitment Report: Planned Completion Date>1st Planned Completion Date; Exp. Completion Date> Current Completion Date (Mobile app also) 
  10. Daily Schedule vs Production Report: Produce Qty/Schedule qty %  
  11. Machine Booking Summary: In index, idle hours to be mentioned as (in hrs).  
  12. Colors on Resource allocation and Machine Booking summary to be identical. 
  13. Show SO number in Order planning page - machine assign page.  
  14. Route card format in Actions section and Reports section with job card filter. (Product WIP Stock - only show ISF qty)